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#justaline Peony

#justaline Peony

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#justaline Peony

Oh my days have you ever got so much happiness from such tight little balls of joy???

How does so much come from so little and so may other questions with a hint of innuendo.

Anyway the Peony is indeed one of my absolute favourites but I have concentrated on that final moment when you come downstairs thinking the end is near for your beloved and sometimes (unless you hit the jackpot at the supermarket) astronimically priced Peony and in a flash of brilliant they completely change colour. Often to a coral or blush. Honestly. They are a little bit of magic!

In fact this print is probably cheaper than a decent bunch so what are you waiting for?
Available in A5, A4, A3

All prints arrive in tube or hard backed envelope ready for framing. I use mostly Ikea frames in my styling.

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