I had this idea for a blog post and who knows if I will keep them going but it keeps me happy so bear with me.

What I love.

At this time I am not quite ready to go full on back to normal. In fact I am no where near ready but I am starting to at least think about it. I have my first physical event booked in for October and I am working my head to be in the right place. The brand in question are working within goverment guidelines and I know everything will be done to perfection. I just need to sort out the head space.

So I have started to create outfits for occasions that are not even happening. What I would wear if I was heading out for a meeting for example. Starting to visulaise myself actually doing these things. So starting closer to home. Hertfordshire has finally got a little bit cool thanks to Birch Community arriving. I love the venue and know it very well having organised a wedding fayre there in 1999 although I have yet to visit it since this major overhaul but it is a mere 20 minutes away and has a staircase I long to see and has inspired a Pinterest board for a Hallway makeover.

So if I was to have a meeting at Birch, this is what I might wear! What I love.

This may seem a little daft but it is helping my head.

See what I mean about a staircase! Its the dream! I will be knocking on the Decorating Centre Onlines door to get that paint matched as it needs that hint of fluro electric blue to make it really work doesn’t it?

So my outfit. Let me talk you through it. All my trustry Marks and Spencers apart from the Fitflop Rally Trainer.

  1. First of all the Belted Utility Jacket as I can see this working with most of my wardrobe and that is what I need from my clothes – versatility. I love a belt as I do like to highlight my waist and show off the curves.
  2. Azure Blue Merino Wool V Neck because I NEED THAT V. Not too deep because we do not need spillage but a V works with a larger chest.  Relaxed fit and then I always tend to go oversized in jumpers anyway so size up. The longer sleeve is perfect for pushing up the arms (when you are having a hot flush)
  3. So these Paisley Print trousers will either be ridiculous or FABULOUS. There will be no in between. In my head they look incredible.
  4. The Hobo bag is what I call a handy bag. That length of strap looks just right to sit under the armpit as I am at the point in life when bags piss me off. If they slide down I want to launch it. As for holding a teeny tiny handbag I just have not the patience.
  5. The Fitflop Rally. I am not sure I need any other shoes other than these and my beloved Grensons. These trainers are the Tiny Turner of trainers.

So there you have it. This is what I love. What I would wear and I will. In my own time. One day.


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