Instead of me writing an entire blog post about why I have not worn shorts for 25 years let me just focus on helping you WEAR THE SHORTS. I am determined to get as many women to focus on the positives instead of listening to the voice that tells you you can’t wear shorts because *insert your reason here (I am not even going to list them because it simply does not matter).

For some reason holidays do not count as I seem to get special powers when abroad. How do we begin to unpick years of hiding away? Let me tell you a few tricks I have used.

Tip 1

Firstly wear the shorts around the house ALL THE TIME. Make it feel normal. I swear lockdown and the mini heatwaves have normalised wearing shorts for me. I lived in an old pair of jersey shorts, an emergency purchase from Joules when the sunshine came out to play at Wells next the Sea and I thought I was going to pass out in jeans. They were the only size 18 available in the whole shop so not only were they not something I would have chosen (horizontal stripes) I also added the additional mental tag – only pair of shorts for the fat lass sweating her tits off in front of hut 202.

After weeks of living in my shorts I wondered if I could find a pair that sparked a little more joy so I boldly ordered one style of shorts from Marks and Spencer and boom. (Now sold out in Khaki but other colours available – I just got ordered the grey pair too!)

I have lived in them so when I was running late and needed to take Oscar round to the local park my instinct was to go and get changed but it was hot and something in me thought sod it INPO, wear the damn shorts. I must admit I felt a little sick walking along the road and kept pulling them down despite them not really riding up. On the short walk to the park no cars crashed at the sight of my legs. No one laughed at me. In fact no one noticed! It is like wearing shorts was easy??


Create an outfit around the shorts to stop them being the focus in your head. Short wearing is new to me so I decided to create the look I wanted to achieve. It may seem really simple but concentrating on the whole look helps to keep the negativity under control.

Wear the shorts
Wear the shorts

This outfit has a whole host of my tips. I do not want to waste my energy focusing on the negative but for me I always felt stumpy and large in shorts. So for the shoes it is one of two options…


A wedge is a perfect pairing with shorts. A bit of height which lengthens the leg. I steer clear of anything with a strap round the ankle as I feel it cuts off and highlights my calves.

I love a wedge as I find them easier to walk in than heels and are not too over dressed. Choosing a similar colour to my legs helps too although I must admit I did not think about that when creating this outfit!

Wear the shorts

My other winning shoe option is the Rally trainer from Fitflop. Yes I just thought it was ugly looking flipflops too but turns out they have beautiful designs including these trainers which are ridiculously comfortable and so light. I have loads of pain in my feet and these have actually helped that. Anyway getting back to the point they have a really small tongue so again doesn’t cut off the leg.


Take your bag out. Instead of making it a big deal about leaving the house in shorts, get excited about taking a new bag or a bag you have kept for a special occasion out. Or I LOVE the larger bag I bought for the beaches we are not going to this year (promise I am not crying – much) because although yes I am wearing shorts, this is still new and sometimes it is nice to have the comfort of a bag to hide behind.

Wear the shorts
Wear the shorts


The more you wear the shorts and see your legs, the more normal it becomes. This is not about size because this effects so many people. Do I love my legs? No but I am a WIP (work in progress) on that front. I can look at these photos and appreciate how bloody far I have come and also that I look a bit of alright. Anyway. I hope this has helped a little!!! I will finish with a selection of Shorts inspiration for you. Dare I call it INPO INSPO?? Shall we make that a thing!?


All images the wonder cracker that is Kelly Reeves Photography

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Some clothes from my wardrobe scattered in too.

I wear a size 18 in all clothing and I am 5ft 6inches.