I will never stop shouting about the fact that my design is on a pouch for L’OCCITANE. There is no playing cool with this. I am simply over the moon. Every time I catch sight of it I smile. I have had the pouch in my house for a few weeks and a couple of times I nearly let the cat out of the bag with excitement. I am delighted I can now share this with you.

Enough about the pouch for now. Have I mentioned it is made from recycled cotton?

Let me tell you about what I picked for inside. A whole host of goodies.

Starting with the Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum. I just scrolled back through my instagram to see it was Sept 2018, when L’OCCITANE asked me to trial this serum for 28 days. Never stopped using it since. I worked with them again on it in Sept 2019, which was a no brainer by then. My skin fell in love with the serum. I had to ask the PR how to say the name as everyone seems to have their own way of saying it. LOX-EE-TAN I was told. Do not ask me why Chaka Khan helps me to remember but that has stuck in my head. I was a make up wipe kind of girl. I took very little care of my skin (and the environment it would seem!!! Gasp!) but it was this product that completely changed the way I care for my skin. Seeing the difference it made led me to follow a full routine. I even double cleanse now! Only bamboo pads or face cloths in our house now too! I must be double digits with the amount of bottles I have since purchased. There is a perfect 5ml size included in the pouch. The photo of me, and my fabulous nails, is with the standard bottle. I know those of you who don’t already use it are going to love it!

Another product from the Immortelle Range is the Precious Essential Water. This alcohol free toner removes traces of makeup and is so light. Enriched with Rose Floral Water it leaves my skin feeling plump as I struggle with toners leaving me a little tight. 30ml sample in pouch. Oh and you see that postcard in the background of this photo – there is one in every pouch 😉

The Almond Shower Oil. The inspiration behind the design of the pouch. Have I mentioned I designed the pouch? Yep, me! Little ol’ INPO. This Shower Oil screams luxury. It feels indulgent and glorious. Even before my wondeful en suite makeoever, I would close my eyes and be taken away to a beautiful 5 star hotel. It is ridiculously smooth. If you do not fall in love with this shower oil, I am not sure if we can be friends. It is that good. 75ml is such a brilliant size too. In this photo is my super duper size (500ml) that I keep topped up with the refillable pouches. Honestly, you are going to love it!

Almond Milk Concentrate – I wish I used this every day but I always forget body cream but when I do, it leaves my skin feeling sensational. I really should remember more often but once I am out the shower I am busy busy mode. Always too much on my mind. Writing this makes me realise I need to stop. I need to make time to use this daily. It takes no time at all and leaves my skin happy. So make sure you make time for you – the pouch has a 20ml tube included.


The lip balm was a no brainer to include because this is L’OCCITANE! They know how to make a lip balm. The Shea Butter Lip Balm is an absolute L’OCCITANE classic, which leads me on to the hand cream. Does anyone do a hand cream better? I don’t think it is possible. This whopper of a tube lives out in my studio but there is a 10ml Shea Butter Hand Cream in the pouch of dreams. Once you try this hand cream there is no going back.

Tell me that is not an absolutely smashing selection!! All in one gorgeous INPO pouch. Have I mentioned I designed it?

Oh and it is Limited Edition.

Absolutely #crushagrape