L’Occitane x INPO

Can we just read that title again. L’OCCITANE x INPO. Seriously!

The pouch in my hands. It is real! This is really happening.

If you look closely, it is there on every single pouch. That little label got the biggest stream of happy tears when I caught sight of it. The whole process has been a dream so I want to try and take you with me. So let’s start at the very beginning. Obviously if that does not make you want to run through the hills like the Sound of Music I am not sure we can be friends.

So let me take you back to when I first received the call. Back in December, my agent (sounds so fancy pants but without the team at Laura Ronnie Management I would have given up a year or so ago but that is a whole other blog post) called me one Friday evening, which was unusual so I immediately switched to OH NO MODE expecting I had messed up something. Luckily, she started the conversation excitedly with “are you sitting down?”

I kept telling her to repeat what she was saying because not only was a brand like L’OCCITANE asking me to design a pouch, I got to pick my favourites to be incuded too. To be completely honest with you at this stage I was overwhelmed, honoured but I did not believe it would actually happen. It is how my mind works. I get ridiculously excited but then start listing the reasons it will never happen and usually I can talk myself out of most situations.

Yet withing days I was doodling. Working on designs and just seeing what happened. I wanted the process to reflect that first phone call.

So the first design was based on one of the Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum ingredients. It is infused with Marjoram – I had to search up what it looked like. I created a design of the Marjoram flower. No idea if that is actually used to make it but TBH the leaf was pretty dull. I loved it but it did not give me INPO vibes. It was simply a pretty design and also when thinking about the printing process it could be too delicate a design.

So back to the drawing board and I focused on the Almond Shower Oil. It might sound strange but I kept sniffing it. Closing my eyes and breathing it in. I realised I needed the design to be simple. Not just because of the printing process but I wanted it to pop. I want people to spot it in store and be drawn to it. I felt the initial designs I created were beautiful and pretty but did not sing.

I knew it was time to get messy in the studio. Playing about with colour combinations and soon was drawn to a beautiful cobalt blue and not just because it matched my nails. The studio is where the magic happens even when eventually the design was going to be something I created digitally.

Just giving myself time to print allowed my head to get in the game. Always love a High School Musical reference. To be fair anything with Zac Efron but again that’s a whole other blog post. I printed a couple of new prints using my signature Love design and a scallop edge. Absolutely love anything with a scallop edge. Indeed just the word scallop makes me giddy but let’s not get side tracked again and stick to the job in hand. Speaking of hands can we just take a moment to appreciate the product placement in this shot of me cleaning the screens. A job I weirdly enjoy. Made all the better with a little self care for the hands afterwards. Also, can we note that with clever photography my Utility Room looks quite lovely! I will not say what its nickname is here because I am pretending to be dead posh because I have a pouch of dreams with L’OCCITANE. (Ok then don’t tell anyone – Shitility Room)

Printing and painting gets me ridicuously creative and with the scent of the Almond Shower Oil in the air theses hearts (created using two interlocking almond shapes) appeared in a flash and the design flew from that point. It basically designed itself, so very simple but I knew I was on the right track. I loved the idea of the heart with a shadow. Past and present.

Love changes, love evolves.

Thankfully, the wonderful team at L’OCCITANE were on the same page and the design I finished up with was welcomed with what felt like cheerleaders shaking their pom poms. Seriously how bloody cool is this? Not only am I getting to do something so crazily off the scale amazing, I have a brand that literally raise me up (yes you can sing Westlife now, step off a stool for extra INPO points). Then it was just a matter of sending to print and waiting to see how the finished design turned out which I have to tell you is a complete mix of ridiculous levels of excitment with an equal measure of fear and imposter syndrome thrown in. Meanwhile I have been playing with the design on my screen and may well have some very limited edition prints avilable as part of a giveaway!

When the L’OCCITANE x INPO Collection sample arrived at my door it was one of those gasp moments. Opening up the box and this was really happening. The tears poured. Happy tears but I simply could not stop!!!

I hope this little behind the scenes of how it all came together is interesting to you! Let me know what you think of it. I will do a seperate post about the inside of the pouch because I have waffled on enough already!!

I hope you love it. Have I mentioned it’s Limited Edition!