In my head I have the time to write blog posts. I love writing. Once I sit to write them it all flows so it is just a case of finding some time. Hmmmm. Time. Anyone know where I can find some more of that? From September I am going to add structure to my week. Have a painting day. A day for despatching orders. A day for creating social media content and a day for writing. A whole day for writing. Blog posts. Oh and a book. Just casually dropping that in there. A book! The rest of the week can be made up of play days. I am just waiting on the Shit Shed. In my head everything is going to be easier with the Shit Shed.

For now it is just a bit of a crazy time being the summer holidays and I know the rest of the Lisbon blog is simply not going to happen. So instead of allowing a sense of failure to step in I just decided to whack up some photos instead. Better than nothing right!? So much form and structure at every turn. I feel I could go back and discover a whole new Lisbon. I know there are millions of colours to capture in the obvious. The tiles on the walls. The funiculars. The graffiti walls. It is all there but look up & look closer and there is art literally everywhere.

I saw palettes of colour everywhere and I cannot wait to get painting. Just waiting (I would say patiently but I am far from it, nearly at stamping feet stage) for the Shit Shed Studio to be built. Currently have the base and floor built. A whole range of paintings will be released from my head soon. Lisbon is filed away and I cannot wait to hit the canvas. For now I will just tempt you with a few photos.

Lisbon. You beauty.