When Liberty was turning 18 I kept pestering her for something special that she wanted. A piece of jewellery or something timeless to treasure. Whilst revising for her A Levels she could not really focus on spending time looking. In the end she asked for time. Time away with Chris and I. I could have burst I thought this was such a beautiful response.

I asked Instagram and the general concensus was go to LISBON and make sure you go to the top of a car park?!?

So we did.

Day 1

We got an early flight from London Luton (must be confusing for tourists because Luton is very much NOT London) with Easyjet to Lisbon. When travelling with Mr INPO he likes to use local transport. I moan about it endlessly but secretly enjoy it. I have to say the Lisbon Metro is clean and air conditioned and some of the tiled artwork made my heart sing. Obviously played it cool though as do not like to let him think he is winning me over with this transport thing. I will never forget getting lost on the hottest and oldest train in Budapest.

So we arrived in Lisbon checked in to the hotel – BessaHotel Liberadade Lisbon.

It was a lovely hotel and a great location. Quite the instagrammable masterpiece but for me it felt a little too design and not enough heart. It might be the lack of people. It needed a little bit more life. You can make somewhere stunning but it will always be the people that make it come alive.

Living Wall goals though!!

There was an indoor pool and whilst we were there lots of work was being done to the lower bedrooms so the constant building shrill and the only sunbeds in the sunshine being out of bounds might have pissed me off a little. Of course I did not complain. I am far too British for that.

First day and the main thing I realised is that they love their Sardines in Lisbon! Themed shops selling the most beautiful tins that line the walls. If you like Sardines apparently it is a thing to get them with the year of your birth? I am still not sure I get it but people from all over the world gathered in these heavily staffed themed shops so clearly I am missing something.

We decided to try and get our bearings by going on a tram tour. The vintage trams were a perfect way to explore. You can jump on and jump off but with a 4.30am start we were happy to stay on board and take it all in. First impressions. Damn Lisbon is beautiful.

We finished off where we started in the Praca do Comercio and decided to have a G&T. The measures in Lisbon are splendid and we enjoyed our fish bowls of Tanquerey. Have to say that all the places we visited had a fabulous selection of Gins available. Lisbon is very much my kind of city. The walk back to the hotel flew by after that despite the chub rub. Top tip: Roll on deodorant is perfect for the chub rub. Roll it on and stop the chaffing! Anyway, back to the gin – Prices are not too bad considering the location and wherever we went we could always get a table.

We called in at the Rossio train station and booked tickets for Sintra for the following day as we had been warned about long queues for tickets. 5 Euros each!! I was sure we must have been given the wrong ticket because honeslty how much would we be charged in the UK to visit somewhere 40 minutes away?

Quick change for dinner.

We were doing a post for F&F Clothing whilst we were away and wanted to get the shot done and dusted so I could really relax and switch off from work. Luckily just by the hotel is one of the gorgeous funniculars (which we got to travel on for free with our earlier tram ticket) and despite a massive queue of people standing in line waiting to board I bloody did it. I got the shot. Managed to nail it in time to squeeze on for the ride up the steep hill.

Before dinner we took a trip to the infamous Park. At first I seriously thought a whole tonne of instagram people were taking the piss out of me.

We followed google maps and arrived at a car park. I mean, people had said it was on the top of a car park so I am not sure what I expected. I didn’t expect you would have to climb the stairs with a stench of urine and weed. As an asthmatic trying to hold her breath whilst walking up flight after flight of stairs in humid conditions I was losing my shit with every step.

Then there it is. A very cool bar on top of a car park with far reaching views over the city. Unfortunately it was heaving at 6.30pm so nowhere to sit but I would suggest if you get there about 5.30 you could be one of the cool kids watching the sun go down. If I am completely honest I was quite happy to be leaving. The smell of piss was still in my lungs but we went down one level and did a quick shoot with the Boo and got one of my favourite pics of her. Her Daddy had to pick her up and sit her on the wall, like she was five again. He kept creaping into shot as he tentatively looked over the edge as he always likes to test his nerve.

Finally we hunted down the burger and the biggest frozen cocktails you ever did see and suddenly the world was a very happy beautiful place and we forgot that we had been up since 4.30am but sensibly we decided to walk back to the hotel and catch up on Love Island which Mr INPO (the clever bastard) somehow managed to link his phone to the TV and we could watch it on catch up. This is why I married him.

As I had a bed to myself I kept ALL the pillows on because I was in charge and they just felt so plump and beautiful. I felt a right smug bastard as I nestled into them for the night only to wake up with a terribly painful stiff neck.

I can only apologise if this is the worst travel blog ever. Just look at the photos. Lisbon is gorgeous. Will write up the rest of our time there asap. Every single corner your turn takes your breath away.

Let me know if this is in any way helpful!!


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