When I tell you I am obsessed with Smileys I mean OBSESSED.

I wanted to give myself a treat. Not for the house, for the kids, for me. So I went to all the places I thought might spark joy. Nothing sparked joy.

The Hill & Friends Happy Puffa Zip Top Shopper came very close to being purchased but I need to see it in the flesh to really fall in love with it. The Gingerbread colour maybe?

So I gave up on the bag but kept the Smiley theme. More Smileys coming next month btw…

So first purchase was influenced by Liv @clothesmyboyfriendlovestohate when she shared these on instagram I sprang into action. Smiley faced mirrored coasters!! From WA Green £46.00

The other smiley I purchased was from Love Frankie

I am in LOVE! I will take photos of everything once I have styled them but being down with Covid I haven’t been up to it. I got the XL but there is Medium and a Mini Lamp that I think need to come and live with me too.

Even M&S is on board the Smiley happy bus and feeding my obsession. Although sadly mostly kids. I would absolutely wear that bomber jacket.

Marks and Spencer

Beaded bracelets from the wonderful Peachy & Wild who sent me a stack inspired by the colours in my exhibition and I won’t lie they made me so happy I cried. I cry a lot and I am not even ashamed of it. Especially when people are nice! That really gets the tears flowing. Again no photos of mine but look at these beauties because LOOK AT THOSE NAILS!!! I missed a nail appointment due to Covid so mine are now broken, nibbled and sad so I have huge nail envy!

Finally, for now, Scamp and Dude often embraces the Smiley which I love.

I have the Hoodie seen below which is now in the sale. As are the joggers. The PJs give £10 per pair to Young Lives V Cancer.

Always on the look out for new smileys so if I see some more I will let you know!