The bedroom has never been designed so I do feel the need to stand up my the old bedroom. We never thought it was a terrible room. The best thing is I knew it had potential. It was just waiting for the right moment. Cue Martine McMutheon bursting through the bedroom door singing This is my Moment. Ok so less Martine and more West Elm.

If you are going to design a bedroom there is no better place to start than West Elm. I have a stromg love for the Mid Century range from West Elm so I set to creating a mood board. It can be quite daunting to know where to start so I broke it down wall by wall.

It is actually a really tricky room. Despite the vaulted ceiling and floor space there is little wall space to work with. One wall has two doors, and both ends have a window so it leaves one wall free. The bed can only go in one place so layout wise we are pretty set.


The benefit of living with a bedroom for 17 years is knowing exactly what works. So it was simply a case of finding the right products on West Elm and you are spoilt for choice.


Little did I know that finding leopard print carpet that I liked was as rare as seeing one of the beautiful beasts in the wild. Not even a hint of one in the Himalayas. Have I mentioned I trekked there? Only I could somehow manage to mention this whilst talking about my bedroom. Actually  the carpet is not just because I love animal print and as the one and only Erica Davies says – leopard is a neutral. Leopard print was our team colour (yes we know its not officially a colour and more of a pattern but its what we say!) when we trekked. So I am fully allowed to mention it because I trekked with some of the most incredible, inspirational women around. To have a hint of that in this room makes me smile but it so nearly did not happen.

The wonderful Team TOTO trekking the Himalayas for back in 2019. All wild at heart.

I did not want any old leopard print. As the samples I was ordering came my heart sank a little more with every single delivery. And time was ticking. The furniture was on order from West Elm and due in a fortnight!  All the leopared print that was arriving had an orange tone or were so bright it was completely overpowering. I wanted the Mid-Century teak to speak for itself rather than glow like tango. I all but gave up.

Just before I took the plunge and ordered Amtico instead I called in at Hertford Flooring down the town (Hertford) to see if they could help and would you believe it, there in the window of this tiny shop was the most perfect leopard print sample. I could have cried. Yet we were not quite there yet. Hertford Flooring are so crazy busy they could not fit the carpet. So close and yet so far.

The carpet was Quirky B Leopard Java Carpet from Alternative Flooring. Exactly what I had in my head! It existed! Try finding someone to fit carpet at short notice. IMPOSSIBLE! Look at it against the West Elm wood.

Enter stage right, my hairdressers partner!!! He can fit and supply carpets and because my hairdresser Sasha is simply the best she got the brilliant Rhian to squeeze me in!!!! So the dream became a reality.

We cleared the room of EVERYTHING. Which meant the entire house was a complete mess. One room = total shit hole. How? I kept having to remind myself I have waited 17 years for the bedroom of my dreams so I should enjoy the process but I am telling you, mess everywhere is not good for me. I do not handle it well!

I do not know how but we managed to get Simon the Decorator booked in too. Everything was falling into place. I tried a million colours as I adore colour and I was a little disappointed in myself that I was drawn to Parchment from Craig and Rose paints. Could I really be that plain? Then I reminded myelf I already had a lot singing in that room. The walls were merely an orchestra that needed to accompany.

So walls painted and two days later the carpet is fitted. The moment I have waited for. The leopard print carpet of dreams. Which I do not mind sharing scared the absolute life out of me. I had to keep focused on the end game because right now this carpet was ALOT and giving me a headache. Shit what have I done?

We rebuilt the wardrobes. The Royal We. An Ikea glow up of our old PAX wardrobes. Storage storage storage baby. We used Bergsbo doors from Ikea painted the same colour as the walls. Handles from B&Q and I have to say – they are a bloody triumph.

Then the day arrived. The West Elm delivery. Piece by piece the room took shape. I kept crying. My fears about the carpet were long gone and I fell head over heels. I kept questioning how on earth this is happening. To us? Mr INPO always tells me to stop questioning everything so much and simply live it.

This bedroom may have taken 17 years but I think it was worth the wait. I am now so excited as we redocrate throughout the house now because in the time the bedroom hasnt been decorated the rest of the house has aged and needs replacing. some before and after for you. It is amazing with good planning how tidy you can keep a room. We are now six months on and everything still has a place to tidy away. We are beyond thrilled. Also how bloody awesome does my painting look above the bed.

I was worried about taking away the ottoman bed and missing the storage but it turns out we just put a load of old crap in it. Once we had a good sort out we did not need it!


Bathroom is happening as I type. Will probably write a blog post about it in 2023.

No leopard print planned. Oh maybe a towel?


I worked with West Elm on a paid partnership on Instagram. This blog post is not part of that partnership but simply because I am never going to shut up about this room.

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