Inpo Run Club

What is it all about?

A running club like no other. For a start no running is required to be a member.

Run, walk or wiggle. Just move your own way.

All are welcome in the club.

I have absolutely zero crudentials for setting up a run club other than I try and run.

There are no tips or training plans.

Inpo Run Club is a community to encourage and inspire. More smiles than miles.

At the moment we connect via Strava, it isn’t ideal but we are making it work. One day we might even have an app or something flashy but quite frankly I am not sure we need it because you can’t bottle it – the community spirit.

We got ourselves a club. We are all champions. The moment you close that front door and step outside you are a runner!!!


We have created Run Club Merch. Just because we felt like it!!! It has been an amazing experience creating products. There are both super close to being sold out but there may be more products coming soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

Inpo Run Club