Kids nowadays do not know how lucky they are. Did I really just say that?? I am bringing out all those phrases I swore I would never say. I am turning into my Mother!

Maybe the pressure to have an almost filtered version of yourself is simply too much for a teenager wanting to find their way with make up and skin care. When it is coming at you from all angles how do you find your own way? How do they learn whilst also working with their skin and understanding they are beautiful. I do not want my daughters to need make up, I want them to enjoy it.

When I was younger once a week I spent my lunch money on more! magazine managing the rest of the day on just a 15p iced bun. I do not know what I find so incredible – the fact that I would rather buy a magazine than have lunch or the fact the legendary school iced buns were only 15p!!? Those were the days. Oh god – I am at it again! Another favourite saying of my Mum!!

When I was younger I did not have a clue with make up and looked to magazines for inspiration. Although my girls are far more savvy than I ever was they still need direction. So instead of me trying to show them because quite frankly who wants to learn from their Mum?????? I take them to the experts.

Bobbi Brown.

Over the last couple of years I have attended a few make up events but I stick to Bobbi Brown for my makeup. It makes my skin happy. It works with my skin. There are a couple of items I add in from other brands and skin care I mix it up a bit and have not quite found my perfect regime yet but the majority of my dressing table is Bobbi Brown. The girls have been using it as their very own make up counter and so it was time we got them each sorted.

I was pretty useless with make up but I always learn so much every single time with the Bobbi Brown make up artists and this is something for everyone. You can book on to a whole range of complimentary How to services:

Prep & Prime with Skincare

Foundation for your skin

Look Less Tired (this one saved me!!)

Bronze & Glow

Your perfect lip shade

Easy smokey eye

Get Ready in 5 Mins

Fill in your brows

So when Millie started to show an interest in make up I thought it was a great time to visit the Bobbi Brown PRO studio in Poland Street, London so that she starts off on the right foot and to make her feel a little at ease and quite frankly because if I left her out she would have had a complete strop I took Liberty along.

I thought it would be interesting for the three of us to get our make up done and see what works for each of us. That is the great thing about Bobbi Brown, it is for everyone. It crosses through the generations.

The Make Up Artisit Keeley was a total dreamboat and spoke to Millie about her skin and what products would suit her best. I love how Bobbi Brown make up is designed to work with your skin for that glowy natural look rather than painting on a mask. I want my girls to see their beauty and own it rather than covering up and creating a filered image. Millie was happy with her natural look and is looking forwrard to the next party to try it out for herself.

Liberty was next to the chair and with exam stress her skin has been breaking out. To the outside world this may be just a few blemishes, barely noticeable but to her they are just another reminder of how run down and how much pressure she is feeling. When she was bare faced she was close to tears but Keeley kept talking to her about products and showed her ways of covering without that clogged up make up look you get when you throw all the make up on in the hope it covers. She also spend time showing Liberty how to perfect the eye flick. It was a different girl leaving the chair with such a spring in her step.

As for me, I never leave Bobbi Brown disappointed. In fact I tend to come out skipping and I never ever want to take it off!!

Our favourite picks each are:

  • Millie – Pot Rouge Powder Pink

  • Liberty – Lychee Baby Crushed Liquid Lip

  • Me – Always and forever the Smokey Eye Mascara & Perfectly defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil which has changed my brows and is so easy to use.

#gift I work with Bobbi Brown on a gifting basis with no approval or Xx to post but I really wanted to create this blogpost

All photographs by Tia Talula