About Me, Vickie Neave

About INPO

That is me. INPO.
Vickie Neave

I never quite know what to say here because (insert McFly singing It’s All About You) it is all about me.

Me writing about me.

I am INPO, In No Particular Order. Oh it’s too hard, I can’t do it so just follow me on @inpolife and you will get the idea.

In short. I trained as a journalist, dabbled in PR, had four babies, built a business, lost a business. That needs a full stop because if I was just to carry on you would think this was some quick transition. Nearly a decade passes. I start to create some artwork. The teens tell me about Instagram. I laugh. I join. I watch. I fall a little bit in love. I love the connections, the creativity. I put in many hours to build this brand. I am the Arthur Daley of Instagram (ironically the vast majority of my followers will not even know who he is). A little bit of this and a little bit of that. In No Particular Order.

First and foremost I make art. Prints for your walls that will make you smile or take you away to that special place you need to remind yourself of a time, a moment.

By sharing snippets of my life, in no particular order, a new world of opportunity opened up to me. I feel extremely fortunate (still pinch myself) to work with such incredible brands. I love creating ads for brands/products that suit my lifestyle. I now have an agent which I know makes me sound like a bit of a dick but actually it makes perfect sense because I have freedom from my laptop. Oh crap I am waffling again and I was trying to do this bullet point style!

For brand partnerships and collaborations please contact Laura Ronnie Management.

Email laura@lauraronnie.com